Preview using Fluentd with a EFK stack for logging a CoreOS and Kubernetes Environment

Posting a preview to a more in-depth post I will write in the near future on logging a CoreOS and Kubernetes environment using fluentd and a EFK stack (Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Kibana).

You can find my Docker image here I created that is a container running fluentd that will collect CoreOS Journal logs, and Kubernetes Pod’s logs and use the secure forward output plugin to an EFK server. I also have an image that will also parse Nginx logs from pods running Nginx.

To setup the EFK server I would follow this how-to from DigitalOcean, instead of installing logstash, install fluentd using these instructions.

Starting a new gig next week, so hoping to find some time in the near future to write a more in-depth post on how to set this up, but my README with the image should have enough info to get you started.